A downloadable game for Windows

*Added directx version! (other is Vulkan)

Made for CGA Jam ! (4 colors only).

- Arrow keys to move and accelerate,
- R to restart,
- E to remove screen effects,
- Enter to play.

A futuristic racing game. All made (code, graphics, sounds, music) during the two allowed weeks ! I hope you enjoy it, you can write your time in the comments !


GravityRacer-CGAJam-2017-Vulkan Version -.zip 25 MB
GravityRacer-DX.zip 25 MB


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Black window. nothing. Just music and the speech. full screen does no work.  Looks promising!

Hello! I added the directX version, the other was Vulkan, maybe it will work now! Thank you for your comment!

THANKS!!! love!!! thanks thanks !